Bunkerday 2018

One day per year all  Dutch Atlantic wall bunkers are opened for the public to visit.

On Saturday June 9th from 10:00 AM till 17:00 hr all bunkers along the Dutch coast are open.

Along the Dutch coast there are many bunkers to be found. Many are part of the formidable Atlantic wall. Often their secrets are hidden to the general public. Only on this special day you can visit these collossal fortifications.

For the program, please check out the website, www.bunkerdag.nl

Just a few facts:

  • The major part of the Dutch fortifications were built in 2 years, using standard modules in order to speed up the fortication of the European coast.
  • The entire Atlantic wall is 6.200 kilometers. It starts in Norway and ends at the Spanish border.
  • You can buy Bunker cheese which is stored in the Noordwijk bunker. It has a very special, unique taste.
  • The Atlantic wall was build by as many as 500.000 persons working on the wall simultaniously.
  • Each town had to delegate men in order to build on the wall.
  • In The Hague 150.000 people were disbanded from their homes. 3.200 houses were also broken down.
  • The fortifications are often a refuge for wildlife, like bats.