Airborne museum Arnhem receives a loveletter from 1944

The Airborne museum obtained an old love letter from a para names Frank McNaught.

“I love you more than anyone else in this world”. This is just one of the phrases written in Sseptember 1944 to his “darling wife”. The Douglas Dakota aircraft was shot down near a tiny town called Achterberg, which was a town far beyond enemy lines.

The letter was found in a pistol holster last year which was found under a roof of an old building which has survived the war. At the time the building was used to house disabled children. To avoid captivity McNaught was able to hide in the building with the help of the staff.

Eventually the house was cleared out by Germans forces. McNaught was able to flee, using the backdoor and after he hid his holster containing the letter under the roof.

McNaught was able to survive the battle and the war. The museum states McNaught died of age. It also tried to contact family and relatives, but it has not been able to do so. Therefore the museum added the letter to its collection. It is in good state an the museum says it was delighted to add the letter to its collection.